Secret Government Program

Let the Government Pay for Your Instant Pay Raise!

Summary of Benefits:

Your MLM opportunity is the financial vehicle that will take you to financial freedom. The Instant Pay Raise Program provides the training wheels for your vehicle!

Your new Financial strength dramatically increase your  chances of success in your business.

Makes Thousands of more dollars available to team for cooperative marketing campaigns.

Puts hundreds of extra dollars in your paycheck next week!

            Takes strain off home budget

            Provides money to invest in business

            Provides most powerful retention program

            Provides most powerful reactivation program

Quickly converts bad debt into good, business building debt!

Increased FICO score cuts cost of borrowing, opens up additional sources of business finance

Powerful Recruiting System Boosts recruiting and retention by factor of 2-3

Personal financial consulting insures money will be invested in business, not wasted.

You learn an advanced, Internet based recruiting System based on using the Instant Pay Raise System, the #1 Recruiting and Business Building Tool in the World!


* Listen to these Happy Pay Raise Members:

Instant Pay Raise Program Components

Personal Financial Coaching Program

Group coaching, constant support and guidance

Your own personal financial consultants


Unlimited email support

60 Page Program Manual

Weekly Money Lessons

Monthly Webinar with your financial advisors

30 Min private financial consultation with financial advisor

Personal, Confidential Financial Plan

#1 Recruiting and Business Building Tool in the World

Private Yahoo group

Cost of Program

The Government Pays for the Program for you!

If someone reimbursed you for your rent or mortgage payment each month, you would have a Free house, right?

The Federal Government reimburses you for your Pay Raise Program payments each month!

If you want to pay monthly, the fee is only $49.95 per month.

If you want one annual payment it is only $395 a savings of $200 over the monthly plan


You can stop your subscription payments at any time. There is no required minimum time!

If annual payment is made, you will be reimbursed any funds not paid to you by your pay raise.

Annual Payment of $365 A Savings of $200!