Secret Government Program

Let the Government Pay for You to Start Your Own Business!

Look At All You Get!

Your Home Based Business is the financial vehicle that can rocket you to financial freedom!

The Instant Pay Raise Program is the Booster for that rocket! It provides the cash, financial knowledge and training for the journey as well as a road map to your destination.

Your new Financial strength, more cash, less debt, dramatically increase your chances of success in your MLM business. You will earn as you learn!

Makes Thousands of more dollars available to build your business!

Puts hundreds of extra dollars in your paycheck next week!

            Takes strain off home budget

            Provides working capital to operate your business
            Puts cash in your pocket even before you make your first sale!
            Puts cash in the pockets of your recruits to pay their sign up and   monthly fees!

            Provides business and personal wealth building strategies

            Provides you with financial mentors

Your Instant Pay Raise Membership gives you access to your own Personal
Financial Coach!

You will have unlimited email access and 1/2 hour telephone consultation with Bill Young every month. Bill is a Personal Financial Coach. He has helped thousands of people just like you solve their financial problems and Quit the Rat Race!

Bill's unique approach to Personal Financial Success will show you how to:

Get the Government to Fund Your Business, putting hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket each month, even before you make a single sale!

His Unique Debt Busting program quickly converts your Bad Debt into good, business building debt!

His FICO Boost cuts cost of borrowing, opens up additional sources of business finance, adding up to 100 points to your FICO score in only 90 days!

Bills Mortgage Blaster program will have your 30 year mortgage paid off in only 15 short years, with no Bi-Monthly payments!

His Spend Yourself Rich program will have you building vital financial investments without even feeling a pinch!

You will also receive a 30 minute, personal, confidential phone consultation with Bill, during which he will help you layout a financial road map to $1 Million investment portfolio and financial independence!

At tax time, Bill will connect you with his tax partners who are expert in home based business deductions and will make sure you get the biggest refund you are entitled to!

As a bonus, Bill will hook you up with an Internet Based Prospecting System that will have prospects for your business calling you with credit cards ready!

All together the Instant Pay Raise System is the #1 Prospecting and Business Building Tool in the World!


* Listen to these Happy Pay Raise Members:

Instant Pay Raise Program Components

Personal Financial Coaching Program

 Unlimited email support

 30 Minutes of personal telephone consulting with Bill or one of his   associates

Monthly Financial Newsletter, full of tax and financial tips.

Group coaching via monthly teleconference with Bill and his associates. Ask questions, learn from the experience of others! Get a professional insight into what is happening in the economy and what you can do to profit.

You get your own personal financial consultants

60 Page Program Manual

Monthly. Live Webinar with your financial advisers

30 Min private financial consultation with financial adviser

Personal, Confidential Financial Plan Provides Roadmap to Financial Independence!

Internet Marketing Training with the #1 Business Building Tool in the World

Membership in Private Yahoo group forum

Cost of Program

The Government Pays for the Program for you!

If someone reimbursed you for your rent or mortgage payment each month, you would have a Free house, right?

The Federal Government reimburses you for your Pay Raise Program payments each month!

If you want to pay monthly, the fee is only $29.95 per month. The first month you pay the 1st and last month's payment or $59.90 You can cancel your subscription with 30 days notice at any time.

If you want to pay annually and save $60 over the total of the monthly subscription, you can make 3 EZ monthly installments of only $99 each for a total of only $297! (You will probably get that back in the first month you are on the pay raise program.


You can stop your subscription payments at any time. There is no required minimum time!

If annual payment is made, you will be reimbursed any funds not paid to you by your pay raise.

Note: If you do not have a home based business yet, you will have 30-60 days after you get your Instant Pay Raise in most cases to find or start a home based business. We may be able to help you select a suitable home based business and your Pay Raise can help you cover some of the outlay for your start up costs.

----Monthly Subscription---1st Payment is 1st and last month: $59.90 then $29.90 Mo.

Pay Annually Save  $60

Pay the Annual Fee in 3 EZ Payments of only $99 for 3 successive months!